What we are about

Vrwrts focuses on (but is not limited to) (indie)electronic and beatdriven bands and artists. We are based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Vrwrts is about quality not quantity.
It is not our primary goal to be the first to post about a track. We might even highlight stuff that is seen as “old” (1-2 months) by blogosphere means. We post about something because it’s worth a listen, no matter if it’s new or “old”. Of course we bring you the latest and newly released tracks as well.

We’re also specialised in highlighting Dutch and Rotterdam based acts and producers that we find interesting and match with the sound we focus on.

How it started

I’ve always loved pushing new music to people and I’ve always wanted to start a music blog. The idea originally started 10 years ago but it never really took off, until now. I don’t have a background in journalism (apart form some short stints as a music writer) nor am I planning on writing lengthy reviews or in-depth articles. I’ll only give you a short introduction and let the music speak for itself.

Below you’ll find my personal playlist I’ve been updating since 2010. I weekly add new tracks, releases and artists. Through the years it developed into a more electronic dominated playlist.

And this is my ‘Chill, Dreamy & Sexybeats’ playlist: