We are proud to introduce Cloak, a Dutch producer duo consisting of Jeroen Dirrix and Martijn Jorissen. Both used to play in Eindhoven band Fourteen Twentysix and have made several tracks together throughout the years, but decided to really go for it with their collaborative electronic project Cloak. Their sound is a combination between Jeroen’s more acoustic, piano based solo work and Martijn’s synths/beats-heavy electronic work. If you’re into Pantha du Prince, Trentemøller and the likes you’ll appreciate this.

Yesterday they’ve released their debut single “Plenilune” on Click Records. It is available as a free download and comes with an extra track called “Gloom”. Both tracks are taken from their upcoming EP called “Phases”.

The single is the more upbeat of the two, with the lovely subtle piano, slowly building towards one last outburst at the end of the track. “Gloom”, as the title suggests, has a bit more of a darker feel to it and a more mysterious vibe going on. Both make me curious to their full EP!

Photo by Jorge Chantre.

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