Dnc Dnc – May 2015 / House mixtape by Joryck

Dnc Dnc Mixtape May 2015 by Joryck
Dnc Dnc Mixtape May 2015 by Joryck

Better late than never right? Even though June’s already here, you can listen to Aram’s mix for May below.

Dnc Dnc – May 2015 / Mixed by Joryck / Vrwrts.nl by Vrwrts on Mixcloud

JORYCK: Some slight delays with the mix this month and, maybe because of that, it has become a bit of Detroit Swindle affair, with some great releases on their Heist label the last couple of months and their own EP on Freerange. But we start this mix with Stavros by Laurance Guy on the Church label, from his warm and soulful Kojak EP. Then the first on from the Heist family is Kill Frenzy by Fouk, really like the sound of this Dutch duo and their latest EP is just funky as hell. Another dutchy, Frits Wentink, saw his debut LP released on WOLF Music at the start of April, so maybe a bit late to the party but definitely worth a share. Coming from Heist that same month was Brame & Hamo’s Parish Rumors EP, with some amazing tracks on it like Ghetto for You. After his already great EP, see VRWRTS March Mix, Paxton Fettel returns strong with his debut LP on Greta Cottage Workshop, continuing his lush sounds and funk inspired percussions on 8 great tracks including Cloud Feeling. The italian duo Black Loops is a personal favorite of mine, their tracks always seem to get you in a party mood, their latest release adds a soulful touch to that party with Suki on Toy Tonics. Keeping that deeper party mood we come to releases by DJ W!LD, another great one on the Robsoul label, and a rework of R.E.M. from Luna City Express, by Oliver $ and Matthew K. Switching it up is KRL’s 5050 remix of SAMES track Searching, on Godzilla Kebab, turning it into an awesome, like it says, split version going from a deeper house vibe to a more disco finish. Staying in this more leftfield vibe, we go to Solid Satin by Uffe, from his new release on Delusions of Grandeur, definitely keeping his momentum going after his great debut LP on Tartelet Records earlier this year. Peaking in the mix we have Detroit Swindle with their on release on the Freerange label, three amazing tracks of which Live at the Cosmic Carnival to me is the biggest hitter. Closing off we have another release on the always amazing Local Talk, this time it’s Atjazz with Foxtooth, build around the same loop that goes on and on but never gets boring.

Stavros – Laurence Guy (Church)
Kill Frenzy – Fouk (Heist Recordings)
Glints – Frits Wentink (WOLF Music)
Ghetto For You – Brame & Hamo (Heist Recordings)
Cloud Feeling – Paxton Fettel (Greta Cottage Workshop)
Suki – Black Loops (Toy Tonics)
Breakin’ – DJ W!LD (Robsoul)
R.E.M. ft. Diamond Dancer (Oliver $ and Matthew K Play Prime Remix) – Luna City Express (Moon Harbour Recordings)
Searching (KRL’s 5050 remix) – SAMES (Godzilla Kebab)
Solid Satin (We Can Do Something) – Uffe (Delusions of Grandeur)
Live at Cosmic Carnival – Detroit Swindle (Freerange)
Foxtooth – Atjazz (Local Talk)
The Feast Dance (Sau Poler Refix) – Chaino & His African Percussion Safari

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