It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Jai Paul. Remember back in 2013 he released the brilliant Jasmine and BTSU tracks but then the album was leaked (or tracks from Jai’s past, as XL Recordings claimed it to be) and consequently never officially released? Jai Paul then seemed to have disappeared completely.

His brother A.K. Paul remained active however. Mainly as a producer, having worked with Jessie Ware (“Imagine It Was Us”), Sam Smith (“Nirvana”), and Big Boi (“Higher Res”) in the years 2012-2013. In 2014 he appeared on (and produced) the brilliant Nao track “So Good”. (Both are working on new material as well for Nao’s album!)

It looks like 2016 will mark the return of Jai Paul.
A week ago they launched the mysterious Paul Institute website. Apparently visitors can fill in their phone number and wait for.. new material? They sure know how to build up a hype!

Some days ago there finally appeared a new track by A.K. Paul; “Landcruisin'”. Listen below:

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