The Radio Dept. are no newcomers. The Swedish ‘dream-pop’ band have been around since 1995. Throughout the years there have been some line-up changes, but founding member Johan Duncanson has been the creative force together with Martin Larsson since 1998.

We only discovered the band when they released 2010’s single “Heaven’s On Fire”. A catchy indie-pop song that’s still not boring. The band has only released four full albums so far: Lesser Matters (2003), Pet Grief (2006), Clinging to a Scheme (2010) and Running Out of Love (2016).

They’ve always incorporated electronic music influences in their sound, but on Running Out of Love the influence is more prominent. Just listen to “We Got Game” which could’ve easily been released in the 90’s. Another track on the album is “Teach Me To Forget”.

This one has now been released as a 12″ version along with some remixes and two fresh tracks “Just So” and “You’re Not in Love”. Both have that typical 808 sound and a bit of an acid house vibe without neglecting that indie-pop sound which makes it an amazing combo.

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