Last time we wrote about Jai and A.K. Paul we were glad they were back and they were just starting with their “Paul Institute”, which is somewhat like a label. But then it went quiet again for a year and a half..
Until two weeks ago when two tracks appeared by two separate London based artists. The very much 80’s sounding “Evil” by Ruthven and the more laid-back “Mystery” by Fabiano Palladino.

“Mystery”, co-written and produced by Jai, also has that 80’s sound, but this one sounding more like a synth-ballad. Fabiano actually is no newcomer, three years ago she released “For You” which was produced by Sampha. She is the daughter of Pino Palladino, who is probably best known for playing with The Who.
“Evil” is the more uptempo one of the two with that Prince-like funk sound. There is a bit of a mystery surrounding the singer and it’s not entirely clear if it’s all true but Ruthven allegedly is a professional firefighter from the South London borough of Lewisham. The track was (co-)produced by A.K. Paul and it features that typical Paul sound.

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