TĀLĀ x How To Dress Well – The One

Of course my first post just had to be about London based producer TĀLĀ. When I first heard “Serbia” last summer I was blown away. It brought the widest smile to my face; her music has this uplifting and optimistic vibe and every track she releases feels so very fresh.

So far she has released two EP’s (The Duchess EP and Alchemy EP) on the lovely Aesop label and I believe there’s more coming our way this year. This track however wasn’t part of an EP but was released as a surprise download. “The One” came forth as part of the brilliant ‘Songs From Scratch‘ collaboration series by Yours Truly. At the top you can see the beautifully filmed video (check out Yours Truly’s website for more awesomely shot videos) giving you some insight on how the track was created.

Once the horn intro starts it’s obvious we’re dealing with a TĀLĀ production here. The middle-eastern vibes are a recurrent theme in many of her tracks and it’s already recognisable as part of her signature sound, with which she draws inspiration from her Iranian background.

The emotionally loaded synths swelling in the background are a nice touch, obviously brought in by collaborator Tom Krell, better known as How To Dress Well. This is a combination that works, both artists enhancing each other’s strenghts.

It’s also nice to see that the both of them have released their own versions of the song, with the TĀLĀ one being more bass heavy and the How To Dress Well version being a tad more intimate.

I had both versions on repeat for a good while and still not sick of it. It sure as hell makes me look forward to any future collaborations.

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